How to Tap into the Most Powerful Resource You Have that Often is Ignored

By Charles Alvarez , Contributor, the Price of Business Show. * Sponsored

There are two ways for you to stimulate your superconscious mind into action. The first is for you to concentrate and work intensely on achieving your goal. Throw your whole heart into what you are doing. Think about it, talk about, write it, rewrite it and review it every single day. Do everything that you can possibly think of that can help you to attain that goal.

When you dedicate yourself to continuous, determined forward action toward the accomplishment of your goal, all sorts of serendipitous and synchronous events will happen to you and for you. People will emerge from unexpected places to help you. You will receive phone calls and offers of assistance. You will come across ideas and information that you would not have recognized before. You will have ideas and insights that move you even faster toward your goal.

The second way to stimulate your super conscious mind is to relax completely and get your mind busy elsewhere. For example, when you go on vacation, you often become so busy doing other things that you don’t think about your goals or problems at all. It seems that the more you can completely relax and let go, both mentally and physically, the more rapidly your superconscious mind will click into action and begin giving you the ideas and insights that you need. It seems that the harder that you “don’t try,” the faster your superconscious mind will work for you.

Exactly The Right Answer

Your superconscious mind will bring you the exact answer you need, at exactly the right time for you. Therefore, when you receive a superconscious inspiration, you should take action immediately. Don’t delay. This is often time-dated information. If you get an inner urge totake an action or make a phone call, move on it quickly. If you have a hunch about something, follow up on it. It seems that the very act of moving on a superconscious flash will trigger additional superconscious insights and inspirations that will help you.

Three Special Qualities

A superconscious idea or solution has three qualities:
First, it will answer every aspect of the problem, or give you everything you need to achieve your goal. The answer will be complete in every respect.

Second, it will be a “blinding flash of the obvious.” A super conscious inspiration will feel natural, easy and perfectly suitable to the situation.

Third, a super conscious solution will give you a burst of happiness and excitement, even exhilaration. It will be one of those shining moments that you remember for a long time.

Whenever you get a superconscious solution, it will come accompanied by the energy, enthusiasm and motivation you need to take action immediately. You will have an irresistible desire toimplement the solution right now. You will want to stop everything else you are doing to take action. And you will always be right.

Trust Is The Key Requirement

Your superconscious mind is the most powerful faculty you have. It is available and accessible to you at all times. You “dial in” to your superconscious mind by being absolutely clear about what you want.
The more you relax and trust in this great power, the better and faster it will function. It has been said that, “Men and women begin to become great when they begin to listen to their inner voices.” When you make a regular habit of listening to your intuition and trusting your inner voice, your ability to obtain the success you are striving for will come to you much faster.

Think back over your life and recall the times when your super conscious mind has worked for you. In the past, these experiences were random and haphazard. But by developing absolute clarity about your goals, and by reviewing and visualizing them regularly, you can make this superconscious power work for you consistently and predictably all the days of your life.

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