Is the George Zimmerman Prosecutor Trying to Guarantee a Dismissal?

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On a recent Price of Business Kevin Price interviewed the Legal Counsel of Gun Owners of America, Mike Hammond. On the program they discussed the shocking decision by a special prosecutor to pursue 2nd degree murder charges against George Zimmerman in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.  The choice of these charges raises several questions, as pointed out by Hammond:
* Why did the Special Prosecutor not take the case to a grand jury?
* Why did it take so long to pursue charges?
*  Why did they not pursue manslaughter, which is a much more realistic conviction in light of Florida law?
*  Was this an effort by the state to appease a mob, while at the same time protect a defendant? After all, without a trial, it appears Zimmerman’s life was in danger because of the mob.
Price and Hammond discuss this and more in a very informative interview.
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