North Korea "Elections" Provide No Surprises


North Korea conducted an “election” Sunday in which Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un was “elected” with awhopping 100% of the vote.

Admittedly, it was a long, hard slog for Un, who had been dogged by charges throughout the “campaign” that he was actually a brutal dictator. Un also weathered a plethora of allegations that, beginning in 2011, he systematically murdered his opposition in a”purge”.

Amazingly, North Korean “voters” were remarkably silent on these charges in public. However, the 99% voter turnout rateclearly sent a message that Un was to be undeterred in his first election since inheriting leadership from his father. His campaign prowess was so legendary that no other candidate even challenged him. Un’s party poster read, “Let’s all vote in agreement!” (and, apparently, they did) and was posted all over the country.

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