The American Dream is Alive and Thriving at RSVP Local

By the US Daily Review Staff.  Content sponsored by the Price of Business Show.

One of the things Kevin Price, Host of the Price of Business, likes to encourage his radio audience to do (M-F at 8 pm CST on is to let him know about business success stories. Those are hard to find, especially as they relate to Main Street.  It seems there is plenty of cash flowing to Wall Street, thanks to the government pumping dollars into it with tax breaks and subsidies.  Recently Price became familiar with just such a story and have talked about them often on his program. In fact, they have recently become sponsors of the show.

RSVP Local is a company designed to meet the needs and address the interests of two specific types of groups: individuals who feel like the American Dream has left them and are looking for innovative ways to earn income for themselves and their families; and for small businesses who are looking for affordable ways to promote their business.  These are two of the fastest growing sectors in the country.

Perfect for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Jim Boy, the President and CEO of the organization says “that I feel inspired to help people who believe their best days are behind them, by giving them the opportunity of an ownership stake in company they can easily afford.”  People who lose their jobs or are forced to retire are often looking for franchises to pursue, but find that many of those (especially the most profitable ones) cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to even start and, in some cases, millions.  “People simply don’t have that,” says Patrick Scott, one of Boy’s partners, “yet they have the desire and ability to grow a prosperous company.”  With RSVP local, people pay hundreds of dollars to a few thousand to buy a territory (depending on the size). This is a participation level that people can achieve.

But the team from RSVP Local are quick to point out, that some can get involved with no financial cost at all.  They may not have the long term ownership of the territory at first, but they can profit both in the short term and long term in their selling activity.  There are untold number of people who have been chronically unemployed and are looking for an opportunity to pursue the American Dream.  This is a place where aspiring business people are getting a second and even a third chance.

The Practical, Effective, and Affordable Way to Advertise

But the company is not just for those who want to sell, it is equally beneficial for the millions of small businesses in the country looking for an affordable way to promote a business.  In fact, people can advertise for as little as .39 cents a day. It eliminates the excuse that “advertising is too expensive.”

What it offers is a way for a business of any size to have a multi-tier approach to advertising, with the most expensive option being less than $300 an entire year.  Your promotion is on a smart phone app and it brings much of the success that comes with companies like Groupon with a much lower cost and a much more lasting effect (since it is on year round, 24/7).  Furthermore, with virtually everyone carrying their own smart phone, but deciding at the last moment where they want to make a purchase (for office supplies, lunch, or whatever), RSVP Local is the perfect app for any potential customer.

It offers three levels of involvement and the application let’s the client commit at a level they are most comfortable. It is the perfect compliment of businesses of any size, but is especially meant for the small business that has a difficult time making a big reach.  Spending only pennies a day makes this a perfect advertising tool.

Currently the company is only operating in Texas, but is poised to move nationwide. If you are interested in being a part of this growing business or for an affordable way to advertise, get more information by email

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