UK’s Top 10 Worst Christmas Gift Ideas of 2013 Announced


There are good gifts – like a day at the spa, or a nice bottle of wine, and then there are bad, really, really bad gifts.  You know what we’re talking about. – the UK’s online gift card superstore –compiled the UK’s Top 10 Worst Christmas Gift Ideas of 2013.  Here are the cheeky results:

10)   A non-smartphone (might as well give a fax machine)

9)    Something from your closet (if it doesn’t have original tags, then don’t do it!)

8)    Body-shaping undergarments (really.  don’t.  really.  don’t.)

7)     Any tablet that is not made by Apple (one word – cheapskate!)

6)     Cash (hey, cash is nice, but seriously that took absolutely ZERO thought)

5)     An ugly sweater (yes, you may have thought it was lovely.  She didn’t)

4)     A fake diamond anything (see no. 7 above)

3)    Cleaning products (trust us guys, don’t do it)

2)    The new Miley Cyrus album (for the good of all humanity, please don’t)

And the No. 1 worst gift idea for Christmas 2013 is…..

1)    Bitcoins (a tulip bulb would be better…  and worth more later.)

“Gift giving is an art, and it’s about the thought put into the gift, and giving someone what he or she really wants” said Caroline Watson, Managing Director for   “Sometimes the perfect present is something hand-made, and many times it’s an experience, like a night at the theatre, or a nice restaurant, or day at the spa”. features gift cards online from the UK’s top merchants, including cinemas, restaurants, book stores, department stores, experience companies, spas, home stores, wine shops, music shops and many more” continued Watson.  “That’s what makes gift cards the number one gift for Christmas again this year – there’s such a broad selection, for any desire, and they let the recipient get what he or she really wants”.

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