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By Kelly Leung, Associate Editor,  USDR.

Our periodical feature of what our editors, contributors, and readers are  recommending.

Hey Liberals, #IStandwithAhmed isn’t only about racism. It’s about school zero tolerance policy.- By now, it seems as if the whole world has heard about the clock drama that had taken place in a Texas school this past week. While racism may be a large factor when the innocent, young teenage boy was arrested, it cannot be the only thing to blame (as many people are said to believe).   Source:

Pope may ruffle feathers on US/Cuba trip– Pope Francis will soon make his first appearances in the United States and Cuba. He has gained strong praise and popularity ratings due to his understanding of Catholicism. However, some of his ideas and comments have caught many conservatives off-guard.   Source:

Google will now deliver fresh food, competing with Amazon– Google’s biggest competitor isn’t Yahoo or Bing… it’s Amazon. Later this year, Google will begin to offer a food-delivery service in select U.S. cities. If this attempt to outdo (or perhaps, catch-up) with Amazon is deemed successful, the online grocery shopping market will double in value. Source:

Frozen giant virus still infectious after 30,000 years- For those who think that global warming isn’t a serious matter, this article may prove them wrong. A giant frozen virus (over 30,000 years old) may still be infectious once it thaws. Source:

Congress is a confederacy of dunces– This writer is so fed-up with Congress, he’s resorted to thinking it’ll take a miracle for anything to really happen.  Souce:

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